What is a Circletex CORE partner?

Within the Circletex circular value chain we have two destinct groups.

  1. Circletex CORE supply chain partners
  2. Circletex KEY stakeholders

Who are Circletex CORE partners?

CORE partners are those companies that play an active part in the operational value chain.
They insure that resources pass along within the value chain. 

  • Operators (collectors, sorters and recyclers)
  • Laundries
  • Producers (manufacturers and brands)
  • Distributors/ Importers
  • Procurers

Who are Circletex KEY stakeholders?

KEY stakeholders are those organisations that want to actively contribute to the mission of Circletex.
They help promote/ facilitate Belgian circular economy commitments related to the selective collection of all products made with textiles.
They also play an active role in the monthly Circletex Operation Meetings (COM's).

  • Governement departments
  • Public Waste Agency's
  • Municipalities
  • NGO's
  • Solution providers



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