Professional and Consumer textiles

  • Flat linen: 

    Table, kitchen, bed and bath linen such as towels, flannels, sheets (used for beds or tables), pillowcases, rags,... used for both household and professional applications.

  • Fashion apparel: 

    Any clothing commercially available for sale or for rent for women, men, children & babies including lingerie, underwear and nightwear, casualwear, sportswear, mourning wear, bridal and party wear,...

  • Workwear | Uniforms:

    Clothing provided to the employee by the employer (Code on welfare at work – book IX – title 3). The purpose of this clothing can take two forms, namely representativeness (with the company's logo or name) and ensuring that the employee does not have to use his own clothing while performing his professional activity. These include shirts/ t-shirts/ trousers/ pulls/ vests/ jackets/ coats/ aprons/ overalls/ hats/ caps/ hats/ gloves/ fabric mouth masks for Covid ... Workwear (without CE marking) differs, within Circletex, from protective clothing in that they are not covered by a product legislation such as PPE product legislation (personal protective equipment) or Medical Devices product legislation.

  • Interior upholstery:

    Products commercially available such as curtains, over-curtains, inter-curtains, interior decoration, seat covers ... which are used for both domestic and professional applications.

  • Exterior products:

    Products commercially available such as awnings, tarpaulins, tents, flags, garden products ... used for domestic as well as professional applications.

  • Protective products with textiles:

    Personal protective equipment PPE, or Medical devices, products that protect the whole body or parts of the body against specific risks such as: fire, heat, hypothermia in water, cold, radioactivity, UV radiation, electricity and mechanical risks (cutting, impact of projectiles, ...), chemical processes. These products are covered by specific product legislation such as the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 or the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 Medical Devices. 

    Products used by law enforcement and armed forces do not legally fall under well-defined legislation but are considered textile protective products by Circletex.


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