Exactly what does Circletex do with the data that companies are required to report via the annual declaration?

These are used to

  • make a baseline measurement of the sector
  • map the different textile flows (products containing textiles) placed on the market in Belgium
  • determine possible objectives for selective collection, reuse, recycling
  • identify how much 'end-of-life' textiles are selectively collected and how they are processed (reuse, recycling, incineration)

Circletex further commits to treat and have treated as strictly confidential any financial or commercial information entrusted to it by Circletex Participants.

When Circletex publishes information based on the data made available to it, it undertakes to do so in such a way that no financial or commercial information of individual participants can be derived from it.

This obligation of confidentiality does not affect any duty of disclosure that Circletex has or might have under any law or regulatory provision.


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